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Service Oriented Businesses and Practices

Improve the patient's health outcome


Whether you are a GP, Medical consultant, Pharmacist, Dentist, Optician or a Clinical staff member, you understand the importance of sharing targeted & personalised information with Patients and their family members.

In the case of elderly patients, their carers need to know precise information about the patient in order to provide correct care.
Sharing key deadlines such as appointments and Flu Vaccines with family members can improve the chances of attending them. Sharing key information such as how to be prepared for an operation and after-treatment care Videos can improve health outcome multifold.

Patexa app allows you to share information with the Patient and their family members in one go. It is always there even if they are no longer your Patient. This can be helpful for the continuity of their care.

Help them achieve their goal

Sports, Wellness & fitness businesses

If you are a dietitian, sports coach, fitness trainer or run a gym, you know how difficult it is to motivate Clients and ensure they are consistent in their training. 

Patexa helps you to share key – personalised information with them; for example, their diet plan, videos of a complex topic, their attendance schedule, upcoming scheduled sessions/events, link to make outstanding payment.   

In return you can ask them to share their diet diary, any measurements they have taken and their fitness tracker information (share screenshot of Myfitnesspal and similar apps). Patexa is app agnostic, so they can share information from any app with you.

Share precious moments with their parents

Nurseries, Schools and Academies

Every child is special and they are learning & exploring new things every day. Our app allows you to share their precious moments with their parents; keep them informed and engage with them in a meaningful way.

Keep them informed about emergencies, scheduled/unscheduled opening hours and staff changes.

For academies, schools and university groups, the Patexa app can significantly improve collaboration between teachers and students. Sharing learning schedule, homework, informing about the deadlines, exam results etc can improve learning outcome.

Share information securely

Legal, Accounting and Financial services

If you are a Solicitor, Accountant or a Financial Advisor, you need to share key information in a timely manner with your clients. Usually, this is done through emails and other non-dedicated channels. These channels are cluttered, hence clients have to work hard to piece together information. 

Patexa acts like your extended portal for them, delivering key information to their mobiles in a realtime and retains the information in a timeline format. They retain information in their Patexa app even after they are no longer your Clients – this reduces your maintenance cost and provides continuity of service when they need your services again. 

In the case of property purchase – financial advisor, solicitor and property-agent can collaborate on the same folder and keep on top of the information flow as required.

Better engagement with your Clients

Real-Estate Agents, Builders And Interior Designers

As a property agent, you have to keep on top of the purchase, rental, sales cycle. Sharing information with your Clients through Patexa such as rental agreement, bills, link to payments, insurance documents and scheduled appointments will improve their satisfaction. 

For Builders and interior designers, keeping Client informed through the multiple stages of the project is crucial. Usually there are more than one stakeholders involved, Patexa allows folder sharing, which in turn makes information accessible and quick decision making. 

Every pet is precious

Veterinary and Petcare

Most owners treat their pet like a family member. They would like to know the medical condition of their Pet, after treatment care options, would like to know how to look after their Pet, what diet to follow, carry their critical information with them on holiday and so on…

Patexa app helps you to share the information with your clients – this shows that you can willing to go an extra mile. The information is organised inside the app in one single place which makes it easy for them to access anytime anywhere. As a combined effect, this app significantly improves the profile of your business.


Improve relation with your stakeholders

Government agencies

Engaging with your stakeholders & beneficiaries and sharing important information in a secured manner with them are key aspects of Government agencies. Any information shared with your users is delivered straight to their mobiles. 

Inspire your Clients

Beautician and fashion designers

Patexa allows you to share inspirational ideas with your clients and keep them engaged. A new beauty or fashion trend shared using Patexa will instantly connect with the clients. The idea planted in their mind will start maturing in their mind as on a day to day basis they are observing other people within their proximity as well as models in TV and other media. 

Clients can capture information in the Patexa app which is accessible to you too. This gives you a good idea about their preferences. When next time you see them, you can go through ideas with them. It can significantly improve their experience resulting in better satisfaction.

Every business needs to engage with their Clients...

Other businesses

Whilst, we have listed many businesses above, we can think of hundreds of businesses which can benefit from our app. 

If you run a service-oriented business, you need a way to keep your clients informed, engaged and improve their participation while serving them. Whilst the general information is available over your social media channels and your website, your clients need personalised and to-the-point information catered for them. 

Also, you want to ensure that your colleagues are aware of all the conversation with clients and respond to their queries in your absence. 

We provide simple tools to achieve that! Patexa is a communication app which has a single purpose to improve engagement with your clients. 

Think about Patexa as a combination of Whatsapp, Twitter and DropBox. 

Our Business app comes with a FREE trial, so you can check it out yourself and decide whether it is workable for you or not. Alternatively, drop us a line with your contact number and we will be glad to help you to decide whether this is for you or not.

Patexa for your clients is always FREE so they dont have to spend a penny!

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