Your dedicated-personalised Communication Channel with your Patients, Clients, Customers and Stakeholders

What is Patexa?

Patexa = Communication + Document sharing + Information Feed

Install app

Install app from Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore. Register using your mobile number.

Add Client/Patient

Add your Client or Patient's number and they will receive invitation to download and install the app.

Start communicating

You can start sharing information with your Client/Patient straightaway. You don't need to wait for them to install the app.

Versatile mobile application - designed for...

Service oriented businesses and practices

Catered for Small and Medium size businesses (SME)


Improve outcome of your patient's healthcare by sharing information with them regarding their
Appointments and vaccinations, Pre and post treatment guidelines, Ongoing care information and Motivational content.

Sports, Fitness and Wellness

In sports and wellness businesses, it's always a challenge to motivate clients to keep up with their fitness goals. Send personalised, targeted and timely content direct to your client’s phone to keep them motivated and help them achieve their goals.

Nurseries, Childcare and Academics

Every child is special and as they are learning & exploring new things, share their precious moments with their parents using our app; keeping them informed and engaged in a meaningful way.

Legal, Accounting and Financial services

Share information with your Clients in a secured and timely manner and never miss a deadline. A collaborative platform for your team members to work on the client account together.

Real-Estate Agents, Builders And Interior Designers

Share photos, videos and budget spend to keep your Clients (and their family members) informed about the project progress. Present design and material options to Clients in order to drive timely decision making.

Veterinary and Petcare

Improve Pet health by sharing key medical information with the Pet owners (e.g. vaccination schedule) and by educating them about Pet health.

Government agencies

Share information with the key stakeholders, beneficiaries, alert them for deadlines, securely exchange data with them, improve availability of key information at your fingertips and share information with your colleagues.

Beautician and fashion designers

Patexa allows you to share inspirational ideas with your clients and keep them engaged. Clients can also capture & share their ideas within the Patexa app which allows you to serve them better knowing their preferences.

Other businesses

Share billing information, engage with your clients and customers, educate them to improve decision making, improve transparency and their participation.


We comply with the European Union's General Data Protection legislation.

Google Cloud

All data securely stored in the Google Cloud with appropriate security built in.

We look after your data and your client's data.

Security built in

Money Money Money

Zero IT investment